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Hunting is an exciting and challenging sport and even though there are many types of animals that are hunted, Ring necks are usually one of the more popular choices. A1 Pheasant Hunting is a lodge and hunting farm that has some of the best pellet gun for hunting in the South Dakota area.
Ring necks are native to this part of America, so there is quite a large population of them here and this is exactly what A1 Pheasant Hunting took advantage of. This is a family-owned farm, which is used for both corporate retreats, as well as weekends away with friends and family. They have maintained their grounds to be the perfect breeding grounds for these birds so that you and your hunting party have the perfect challenge. Each day that you stay at this lodge, you will be able to choose from a number of different fields to hunt on so that it never becomes boring or bland. You have the option of taking some trained hunting dogs along with you on the trip and a guide will be assisting you during your stay to make sure that everything goes smoothly. As one of their guests, you will receive breakfast and dinner every day, and to make sure that your hunt isn’t interrupted too much, they will serve you lunch in the fields. Your ring necks will be cleaned and packaged for you so that you can simply take them with you without worrying about the minor details, which is all part of the great service that A1 Pheasant Hunting offers.
While hunting for Ring necks, you will be transported between the fields to make things a bit easier during your stay and the best thing about using this lodge for your hunting trip is that all of their grounds are private and can’t be accessed by the public. You are more than welcome to bring your own dogs along for the trip, and you should be aware that you will all need a license to be able to do any hunting at this lodge or anywhere in this area. To make sure that there is no misconduct and that things run in an orderly manner, you will be briefed on the rules and regulations of hunting in this area and one of them is that you can only shoot three birds a day. There are various options to choose from for accommodations, and you can decide on the lodge, an apartment, or a house, depending on the number of people that are coming along for the Ring neck hunting trip. Their website will give you more insight into how you can go about booking for your trip, as well as give you a bit of background on the farm and what to expect.
Visit, to find out why they are a sought after hunting outfitter for people who are looking for a sporting weekend away at a lodge where ring necks are abundant.